Thursday, January 31, 2008

Saint Agnes

Poor little Agnes..sentenced to death by burning, her captors were vexed to find the wood would not light.

So they cut her head off instead.

She's often depicted holding a real significance , it's just that her name sounds a bit like "lamb" in Latin-- really! (that's what wikipedia says anyway)

I just liked the paintings I've seen of this virginal little girl with a great big gash in her throat.
So I just swiped the idea.

In some images she is seen with a dagger in her throat--come to think of it that would have been much better!

might come back to this one..


Bailey said...

I'm writing on the brothel saints at the moment - Agnes, Agatha, and Lucy - and I'm loving your work on them! I very much look forward to seeing any new saints you put up here! said...

Thank Bailey- I've not had time to finish any more Saints recently , hope to rectify that soon! I hadn't heard the term "Brothel Saints" before. If there isn't a band called that there should be!

Sebastiane said...

Actually, the lamb represents her virginity

I love your work ;) I have a blog which talks a lot about the early martyrs. It would be cool if you could come check it out.

Ps I hope to see more Saints you might put up. I'd love to see your rendition of Dymphna or Saint Justina, a woman who was crucified. said...

Thanks for the comments Sebastiane. The lamb representing innocence or virginity sounds plausible alright. Thanks!