Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lucy in Bizarre Magazine

Meant to post this a while ago


Indil ♥ said...

I just literally stumbled upon this blog of yours while searching something about Saint Lucy, which we celebrate today.

I LOVE this blog, I've always been a big fan of Medieval torture as a child(well not for the sake of torture itself) and growing u I also found that martyrs'stories were so fascinating and incredibly iteresting.
You see why I can't help loving what you do here.

The curious thing is, about Saint Lucy, that she brings presents to children in some cities of the north of Italy, pretty much like Santa /Father Christmas does.

On the night of Dember 12th she comes, carring her eyes n the tray, accompanied by a donkeyy who guides her (she being blind), you leave some milk and food out the door for them to eat and drink and she gives presents to good children and coal to bad children.

I was dead scared of her when she ang te bell outside my door and I used to hide under the kitchen table.. but the next day was the REAL BIG DAY. Xmas was not so waited for and celebrated by children.

Saint Lucy has always been the real deal!

PullingpIctures said...

That's amazing! I've never heard of this aspect to her. Thanks very much for sharing that and I'm glad you enjoy what I'm doing here. regards-Johnny